Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7 Intention ~ Be Open to Others

Day 7 Intention ~ Be Open to Others

Ahhhh the cruise ship! Before boarding, you wait in line for hours with the other 3000 people getting on board. This particular cruise is Jam Cruise, so I'd say that the cruisers are a tad bit more rowdy than other cruises. John & I live alone with a dog and a cat and really lead a pretty mellow existence day to day. At first, being surrounded by so many amped up people, is a bit overwhelming and my flight instinct has set in past years where I just want to run for the hills (or to my cabin in this case) until I feel more settled. 

This year, I am going to embrace the madness! Meet more people and just accept the situation from the get go. I love people, so this shouldn't be too difficult. We are all one energy out there in the universe anyhow, so finding santosha, also known as contentment, in any and all situations is the best idea. And, leading with an open heart and mind has always worked better in life than the other way around, so bring it on! 



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