Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 17 Intention ~ Remain Patient

Day 17 Intention ~ Remain Patient

I apologize for another short, quick blog today, but it's been crazy over here. 

Patience is a virtue. 

Today, my husband had to go back to Metro to a doctor's appointment and to get some blood work done. I drove him because of the high quantities of medications he's been taking lately because of his illness. As you can imagine, we got there and sat and waited for the doctor. Then, we went to blood drawing and the room was packed, so we waited some more. 

As time passed, and our day drifted away. I wondered if I'd make my writing deadline in a relaxed fashion or have to pull a late night trying to get it finished. I felt myself tensing up. I started to stress out. I lost my focus and priority again! (See yesterday's intention.)

Breathe. Breathe deep. Focus on the third eye, a.k.a. the ajna chakra. Deep breaths can help calm a fired up mind and create patience in an impatient being. 

The writing is just about done and patience is still a virtue. 

Til tomorrow.



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