Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 30 Intention ~ Stop Comparing Myself to Others

Day 30 Intention ~ Stop Comparing Myself to Others

That goes for all of us. There are so many times that I go to another teacher's class and think to myself, "jeez, this teacher is great. I am a horrible teacher. I wish I was this good" or compare jobs, looks, lives, whatever and make myself feel unworthy. 

I see students do it in class all the time. Peeking or staring at a more advanced student's pose and then getting frustrated or pushing themselves farther than their body is ready to go. As much as I try to remind students to listen to their own body, accept where they are today, there is still that comparing going on. Not only too. 

I hear friends compare themselves to other people physically and then put themselves down. It breaks my heart to hear people that are already so beautiful not have that confidence in themselves. 

We as a society put so much stock into having lots of money, tight abs, an expensive car, a big house...but in the end, who cares? If your heart is pure and you speak the truth, and you do everything with love, you are the most beautiful creature that there is in the world. 

We are all beautiful. No more comparisons. 

Til tomorrow.



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