Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 14 Intention ~ To Remain Balanced

Day 14 Intention ~ To Remain Balanced

Back to life at home. Today is my first day back at work and I really want to keep that balance between work and free time. Being an independent contractor, whether it is teaching yoga or writing, I find myself working all the time. It could be writing/touching up assignments or planning classes (either in my head or on paper.) Before I left on vacation last week, I found myself constantly working on something. Now that I am back, I want to be sure to find balance between work and  well, not working. I would say "pleasure", but I enjoy my work, so it is pleasurable, but relaxation is still a necessary element of life. 
Taking time out to relax, be with my husband, friends, family or to just be with myself is very important for everyone. It allows us to rejuvenate so we can perform our job better. 
So, as I did a bunch of chores yesterday when I awoke and started to plan today and this coming week, I found myself already creating long lists of things to get done and slowly noticed my relaxation fading away. So, witnessing this behavior, I am going to be very conscious to keep a balance in my life so as to not burn out. 
Finding this balance will allow peace, steadiness and calm to continue...which sounds like a continuous vacation to me. 

Til tomorrow...



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