Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 275 Intention ~ Show Some Hometown Pride

Day 275 Intention ~ Show Some Hometown Pride

I live in Cleveland. The butt of many a joke. When my husband & I decided to move back here in 2007 from Colorado when the economy was at a very low point, especially for Cleveland, people kept asking us, "why?".
We always defended Cleveland, even then. We missed that Cleveland spirit. We loved Cleveland's losing sports teams...whether we liked that part of it or not. We loved being in a more diverse city with lots of older architecture and affordable housing. I could go on and on.

Something happened that first year we moved back. The Indians went to the playoffs. They beat the mighty Yankees. 
We were lucky enough to get to go to a number of those games. It was very exciting. 

This past week has been so exciting as the Indians play tonight in the Wild Card game to hopefully head to the playoffs. The Browns won last Sunday and play here tomorrow night. Heck, my fantasy team even jumped to 2nd place! 

There is a lot of new energy that has been building around this area since we moved back. People love this city and will make it work. Between hip new restaurants, breweries and night spots to more bike lanes & lots more yoga studios (my love of course!), medical mart, great healthcare and tons of fantastic artists around town~this is the place to be!! 

Love my CLE!!

Go Tribe! 

Til tomorrow...



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