Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 282 Intention ~ Bend Don't Break

Day 282 Intention ~ Bend Don't Break

I read an article last night about what some super successful people do before 8 a.m. that puts them ahead of the game. Some were obvious like workout and eat breakfast, and then one that would seem obvious, yet now that I work for myself (sort of), I forget to do: make a schedule/to do list for that day. Seems like common sense to do that, but if something isn't completely pressing, I tend to let it wait until the last minute, so that I can just completely freak out to get it done. 

So, last night before I went to bed, I compiled a schedule for myself today. It helps to keep me focused and challenges me not to slack off. I used to make these schedules for myself all of the time to be sure I remained organized and didn't forget things that I needed to do, but have let that go the last few months for whatever reason. 

So, although I am trying to keep my "to do" list on track today, of course, things come up. Learning to find some flexibility in the schedule is important too. Otherwise, I would go crazy and life would be too regimented for me to enjoy it. 

The goal is to try to keep on track, but be willing to bend a little bit if needed, not break if something changes. 

We can apply this to many things, a detour on our commute, a different yoga teacher in class that day, if a plan simply falls through. It happens all the time, but if we can find some santosa or contentment and peace with what is going on around us, planned or not planned, we will be able to find a little more joy and ease in our day. 

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