Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 301 Intention ~ Contribute In Some Way...

Day 301 Intention ~ Contribute In Some Way...

Lokah samastah sukinoh bhavantu

May all beings everywhere, be happy & free,
And may the thoughts, words & actions of my own life
Contribute in some way,
To that happiness and that freedom for all.
Shanti, shanti, shanti...ommmmmmmmmmmm

This is the Jivamukti invocation, it is also a mantra that is included in the closing Ashtanga prayer. It's a mantra that has been around for a very (to say the least) long time. 

Sometimes we all get so wrapped up in the little things in our daily lives, that we forget that part of this life is just about taking care of each other. 

I think about some of the negativity about some personal things that has been running through my mind the past couple of days and when I hear or chant this mantra, it makes me feel silly. Life is not about focusing on the negative, it's about bringing the good out of situations. Not wallowing in negativity and letting things just fester and grow. So, even though, right now, the things I am thinking about are personal, I want to contribute to the good and positive things in people's lives. Yes, all people. Sometimes the ones we miss are the ones closest to us. So, especially them. 

Til tomorrow...



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