Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 303 Intention ~ Start Over Again

Day 303 Intention ~ Start Over Again

Everyday is a new chance to start over again. If you read yesterday's post, I was feeling a little bit down on myself and I am sorry that you got to feel the brunt of that. I blame Mercury! 

Today, I am feeling much better about things and am ready to hit the reset button. Yesterday, I was questioning myself about choosing to teach yoga in this life. Today, I feel reinvigorated to teach yoga in this life! Could it be more financially rewarding? Sure, but I look at different jobs I have had throughout my life and no matter how much $ I ever made, I was always broke. I am a spender, what can I say!

So, let the adventure continue. Search for happiness, love, peace, bring joy to others and keep on truckin'! If today has got you down, just remember, you have a chance to start over again tomorrow...and the next day and the day after that, so don't get to caught up in the gloom of the day. See the brightness of tomorrow.

Til tomorrow...



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