Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 298 Intention ~ Deal With It Already

Day 298 Intention ~ Deal With It Already

I have an old friend that I have been having issues with the past year or so. Now, I didn't really think that I would be dealing with things like this into my forties, but here I am. I have spoken with this friend before about some of the things that make me feel hurt/upset when I am speaking with her. She apologized and then just kept it up. 

At this point, I have dealt with it by not dealing with it. Conveniently for me not dealing with it, this person doesn't live in the same state. Inconveniently for me to act like an adult and deal with it, this friend does not live in the state, so it's much easier for me to ignore. 

I think that I have been doing this so long, that I suppressed my emotions (completely unhealthy-I know I know), I didn't realize how much until a mutual friend started discussing making some plans with this person with me today. Next thing I knew, I was crying and upset and it has put me in a funk for the rest of the far. 

What this really tells me, is that it is time for me to deal with it. Get to the bottom of what is going on. Has it been built up in my head to be worse than I remember? Have we just simply grown apart? Did I do something to make this person treat me disrespectfully? 

I guess a phone call is in order. In the end, things will be resolved and, whether good or bad, hopefully, I can put this to rest. 

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