Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 290 Intention ~ Don't Get Discouraged

Day 290 Intention ~ Don't Get Discouraged

The past couple months have really slowed down in my classes. Even some of my steady students for a couple years now have seemed to have evaporated into thin air. In my business, it's hard to make a living. It's also hard to not get discouraged and start beating yourself up when your class is suddenly empty. One week is one thing, but when it seems to be over a period of time, you start to question what you are doing. 

Granted, schedules change, the season has changed and heck, people have lives. I get this. But, as far as today goes, I am just feeling a little down about it. Negative thoughts and feelings tend to multiply once they are opened, so I am trying to not get discouraged and figure out what I need to do to get my people back. 

As soon as things are back on track, I will take a stance of everything happens for a reason, which I do believe. But, sometimes it's hard when you still gotta pay the bills. 

Til tomorrow...



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