Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 297 Intention ~ Bow Down to Mother Nature

Day 297 Intention ~ Bow Down to Mother Nature

Today was our first snow in Cleveland. It's only October 24th and although this happens some years, it's still a surprise. That first snow fall. So pristine. So new. So foreign, even though we come to expect it each year. 

Mother Nature is amazing. The change of seasons is beautiful and breathtaking. I know some get down at the first snow sighting, dreading the months to come, but I think it's beautiful. It is a sight to behold. All four seasons. It is amazing the cycle of life that we go through in each year. 

Now that we are headed to our cold snowy winter season, it's a time to come back into ourselves. Find some grounding and inner discovery. Review the past year...good times and bad. 

Instead of looking at winter in a negative way, take it as a time to regroup and rediscover yourself and what you need now or observe how you have grown over the past year. 

Embrace that & bow down to Mother Nature. 

Til tomorrow...



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