Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 304 Intention ~ Enter With An Open Heart

Day 304 Intention ~ Enter With An Open Heart

In Max Strom's book, A Life Worth Breathing, he suggests starting each day with an intention for that day. Not an intention for selfish worldly items, etc., but a way to create goodness in the world that day...for yourself and others. Of course, I have been writing these intentions all year long and admittedly, as you can most likely tell, they aren't set as soon as I wake up in the morning. The events of the day have definitely shaped what my intention turned into on several occasions. 

Often when the alarm goes off, I am struggling not to hit the snooze button several times, but today, the intention was buzzing in my brain. I lay in bed for a few moments and set my intention for the day. It was to enter each interaction I have today with an open heart. So, not pre-judging a situation, trying to be open to hearing what the people around me have to say and listening. It doesn't matter if I agree with what they are saying or not, but just being open to hearing it. 

Trying to lead with love. With an open heart.  

Til tomorrow...



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