Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 281 Intention ~ Write!

Day 281 Intention ~ Write!

Beyond this blog. I write for Examiner.com and for other websites that I actually have assignments to complete. For whatever reason, I have been uninspired (or perhaps just lazy) and haven't been writing lately. 

Usually on Tuesdays, I head to my friends house and work for them. They had a long ride back to Ohio yesterday and are taking the day off. This means one of those days I often dream of when I am too busy, a day to write, practice yoga, put up Halloween decorations, and do all sorts of things that are always on my list of "when I get a free day" to do items. 

I have been wanting to write a couple different articles about yoga in addition to what I want/need to write for Examiner, and today seems like the perfect opportunity to actually get at least an outline going. 

So, today is about writing!

Hopefully I can motivate :)

Til tomorrow...



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