Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 285 Intention ~ Accept Impermanence

Day 285 Intention ~ Accept Impermanence

Things are in a constant state of change...that is one constant we can depend on. It is a lesson of yoga to learn to accept the now and not get attached to it because it is all impermanent. I am sure that seeing an old friend in the past week is what sparked my attention to past things, silly arguments I've had or just longing for younger days and friends. 

Through this, some old negative emotions have risen through all of this and it is silly. I know that these feelings are silly to dwell on, but yet, I still let certain things bother me. I need to let go. These past things are not really affecting the here and so fleeting now, except for my pain in my heart or gut about them. It's silly. They are over. These situations are long gone, but I sparked them back to my mind. 

The truth is, every moment is gone in a snap. Try to enjoy them, don't attach to them. If you stopped and really found stillness in the right here, right now, it wouldn't seem so bad. Not dwelling on the past, not worrying about the future. Just being here in the moment...and then it is gone. 

Nothing is permanent. 

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