Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 289 Intention ~ Accept Differences

Day 289 Intention ~ Accept Differences

I'm not talking about differences as in black/white, man/woman, gay/straight, Republican/Democrat or any other combo you can think of, I am really speaking from a yoga teacher perspective. I like to go to different classes led by a variety of teachers. It's interesting to learn different ways to get into different poses and here the how & why of it all. There are differences from what I have been taught. Every time. It doesn't mean that that teacher is wrong, it's just different. 

Sometimes I like the different ways, sometimes I don't. I tend to adapt things depending on how it makes my body, mind & spirit feel after practicing them. If someone else's methods don't feel good, I don't adopt them. But, I still accept that their method is good for some people.

As a yoga teacher, I encourage you to go check out all sorts of classes and teachers and find what works best or worst for you! What challenges you, not only physically, but emotionally, or even spiritually. Find that teacher (yes, there may be several & many styles of yoga) and keep practicing. 

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