Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 288 Intention ~ Know How Lucky I Am

Day 288 Intention ~ Know How Lucky I Am

And appreciate every minute of it....

As I was driving to work this morning, I noticed so many people with angry looks on their faces. Maybe not angry, but not happy. It was one of those mornings in which my iPod shuffle was hitting all tunes that I wanted to hear, so I was singing and boppin' down the road and yet still, it was hard to ignore the looks on people's faces as they headed into each day or when they insisted on tailgating me or having to pass me, and believe me, I wasn't driving slowly. 

It was sad to see this on the morning commute. It's not that I am unaware that I am lucky to get to do things that I love to make a living, but it was just blaring in my face (and consciousness) this morning. I love going to work for my friends, it's like I'm getting to go hang out and get paid. Please note, I do actually work when I am there...most of the time. :)

So, once again, just wanted to appreciate that I love what I get to do in this world and I am so so grateful for it. It is sad that I feel lucky to get to do what I want...I wish everyone could do what they want, follow their dreams and feel lucky.

Til tomorrow...



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