Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 277 Intention ~ Think It Through

Day 277 Intention ~ Think It Through

Sometimes my husband & I get excited about things. When one of our goals is being offered on a silver platter, we want to jump on it ~ who wouldn't?!

Last night, one of John's goals that we had written off for this year was offered to him. We were excited and wound up after a Browns victory (3 in a row!), so we were gung ho and up for the task. 

This morning, reality hit. How much work this would be to accomplish in the next 6 weeks, is it realistic? When it is something you want, it's hard not to just grab it and hold on tight without thinking. So, instead of just blindly leaping forth, we are going to discuss it like adults this evening and think it through. 

Til tomorrow...



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