Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 306 Intention ~ Celebrate A Good Friend

Day 306 Intention ~ Celebrate A Good Friend

Today is my great friend, Jen's, birthday. In about an hour, we will be meeting her and her wife for dinner to celebrate this wonderful being. It is so important to let the one's you love know that you love them & celebrate them, whether or not it's their birthday! How lucky are we to have wonderful people in our lives, why not fill them with love. 

I am lucky to have a friend like Jen, so today, I dedicate this post to her. 

Here are 10 things Jen loves...a lot!

1. Tanya, her wife. Of course she does! Just so you know.

2. Her family & friends. Yep, I think this blog being dedicated to her can show you how Jen treats her family & friends.

3. Music. Especially rock 'n' roll. This said, she really enjoys The Stones, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Black Crowes, Levon Helm...I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. But, I would be remiss if I didn't mention, she is one funky lady also, with a deep love of it being on the one. 

4. The Environment. Yep, Jen is not only pretty, but pretty organic. She does what she can to save the Earth for future generations. 

5. Hot spicy foods. This was not always the case, but these days, she is chomping on some crazy peppers that make me cry just touching them. 

6. Yoga. Jen is zen! She is a seasoned yogini and I love when she visits my class!

7. Laughter. I laugh a lot with a lot of people, but there are few that I have laughed as often and as hard as when I am with my friend Jen. 

8. Camping. See #4 and it will probably make sense. 

9. California. Ohio is lucky to have Jen for now, but the reality is, her heart is in Northern California and she will return there someday. Imagine how she feels when she is camping in California!!

10. Wine. Among other beverages, but we'll stick with wine today. :)

Thanks Strongarm for being my buddy all these years! Keep 'em coming. 

Til tomorrow...



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