Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 325 Intention ~ Exude Calmness

Day 325 Intention ~ Exude Calmness

In about 90 minutes I will be leading a special pranayama, restoratives & yoga nidra class. It is all about finding control in the breath, so we can find peace in our minds (and our lives), healing and ease in the body and relaxation for the whole being. 

In doing this type of workshop, I need to exude calmness. For if I appear tired or strained, my students will not feel calm and relaxed. So, following my own workshop, I am trying to bring that calmness to myself so that I can spread that joy to others. 

This works in our daily lives too. When you encounter someone who is upset about something, if you approach them calmly, their breath tends to slow, they tend to settle down. If you react to them in the same aggravated, tense, barely breathing way that they are acting, they will continue to behave this way or perhaps even amp it up. 

Exude works! 

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