Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 328 Intention ~ Honor How My Body Feels Today

Day 328 Intention ~ Honor How My Body Feels Today

I say that in class all the time to students. One of the wonderful lessons of the physical yoga practice is that you learn to hear what your body is trying to tell you each time. 

You also become more aware off the mat. 

Today, I feel run down. Exhausted, physically and mentally. So, although yesterday's intention was to follow through with plans, we didn't go to the Browns game as planned. I rested by the fire, under a down blanket & dozed on and off all day long. Just what I needed. (And the game was horrific anyhow!)

So, learn to pay attention to what you physically need. We tend to push ourselves to do everything...too much...all of the time and this can not only wear us out, but can make us sick. 

Save yourself! Listen and do what your body says to do. Honor that vessel while you are here on Earth. 

Til tomorrow...



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