Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day 321 Intention ~ Continue My Studies

Day 321 Intention ~ Continue My Studies

Yesterday I went to an anatomy workshop. Whenever I go to anatomy lessons of any sort, even just in a regular class, I always leave feeling inadequate. Sure, I had some anatomy in my 200 hour teacher training, but the whole course was so much information, and frankly, I was interested more in the "cosmic consciousness" of it all that I left the training with a basic knowledge of yoga anatomy. 

This has always haunted me some in my head and the desire to study it more is always on my list of the 1000 things that I need to do, so, not surprisingly, it gets lost in the shuffle. 

After the workshop yesterday, my fire to learn is reignited. At this point in my teaching career, it is ridiculous that I should be feeling any doubt on the instructions that I am giving students. Now, I may never be a complete anatomy obsessed teacher as some are, and yes, I am jealous of their vast knowledge (and retention of that knowledge), but I will keep trying. Sometimes the information sticks, sometimes it doesn't, but if I don't continue to study it, then of course I won't remember/learn any of it. 

So, lesson today for all of us is, keep studying. Keep learning. Whatever it is that interests you. The moment you think you know it all is the moment you lose it.

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