Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 314 Intention ~ Make It A Sunday Fun Workday

Day 314 Intention ~ Make It A Sunday Fun Workday

It used to be that Sunday was my only day off. That is still usually the case, but really, even if were doing stuff like chores at home, it's still work. We just aren't getting paid. 

Today, I am working. I already wrote an article for, I am subbing a class and then I am off to the JAK studio for one more workday before they head off to the Grand Central show for the next 6 weeks. 

It's Sunday. That's all. It's just the name of the week. No hang ups. The only downfall is that John is home on Sunday, but we hung out all day yesterday. 

Luckily, I enjoy all of my jobs: writing, teaching and whatever task the ladies of JAK will have me doing. Writing makes me feel like I am purging a little bit. Releasing words from my head for all of you to see. Teaching is just inspiring for me. Getting to help people get stronger and feel better, for some, just reteaching them to breathe and letting them know it will be okay is a fantastic feeling. Working at JAK is so completely different from anything else I do that it is so good for me to expand my horizons. I also get to work with two of my best friends, so there is always lots of laughter AND I get to spend time with them to boot. Win-win. 

So, although it's Sunday and I will be working all day, I am happy. It will be fun & there's no use to getting hung up on what day of the week it is anyhow. 

Til tomorrow...



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