Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day 323 Intention ~ Create A Daily Schedule

Day 323 Intention ~ Create A Daily Schedule

As usual, there are several items on the "to do" list. Not just for today, but that are constantly lingering. Many times, in my planner, I will write down which things need to get done that day, but without any other organization to it. 

With the holidays and so many additional events coming up, tightening up the schedule with time schedules, etc. will help. It also keeps me working rather than slacking off and doing other chores or surfing the internet. 

Another tip to getting the daily schedule together is to do the most daunting task first. Get it done. It will feel good and then the others will feel like a breeze (hopefully). 

If you find yourself losing steam, take a moment to breathe. Whether at a desk job in an office setting or if you are working at home, like I will be today. Another helpful thing to do when this happens is to do some yoga asana. Even at your desk. Reach your arms up, twist, fold forward, but move around a little bit. It will help to calm yet re-energize you. If you have a little more luxury of being at home, get on your mat. It can be only 20 minutes or it can be 90 minutes, but get on it. Even a shorter practice everyday is better than one 2 hour session every once in awhile. 

Have a great day! 

Til tomorrow...



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