Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 312 Intention ~ Turn Off

Day 312 Intention ~ Turn Off

Days have been very busy the past couple of weeks, which is great, but also very tiring. The other thing that happens with me when I am working a lot is that I can't seem to wind down ~ funny for a yoga teacher, huh?! 

It's true. When I get a chance to sit back, I feel like I should be doing something. You know...idle hands and all of that. 

But, this evening, I have a pact with myself to turn off. No computer, no email, no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. There may be some movie or t.v., so I'm not going to get crazy, but no working. 

Letting myself relax. 

Heck, I may even do some yoga :)

Til tomorrow...



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