Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 309 Intention ~ Just Listen

Day 309 Intention ~ Just Listen

Forgive this post today as I am using my newly downloaded Blogger app on my phone. My husband pulled in just as I arrived home & needed to go to Urgent Care, so I couldn't get to our computer. (He is okay btw, just a slight earache issue.)

As he arrived home, he started to talk about some of the frustrations of his day. Having just arrived home myself,  I wasn't the most receptive to listening at that moment.  As he went on,  I started to tune in more.

I realized that he just needed to get his day off his chest & to have someone listen. Certainly,  as his wife, I can take a few moments to just listen so that he can feel better.

We spend so much time with distractions in this world: tv, computers,  phones, social media,  that we forget to be with the ones we are with in the present moment...in person.

Take a moment to just listen today & show someone you care.

Til tomorrow...



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