Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 322 Intention ~ Open My Heart

Day 322 Intention ~ Open My Heart

Giving and receiving love, compassion, kindness. Accepting others and yourself with open arms. When we give love, it tends to swing back our way. The old "what goes around comes around" quote comes to mind here. 

So why do we close ourselves off sometimes? Usually because we've been hurt and it's hard to put ourselves in a vulnerable position again. We tend to guard our hearts. Physically, we may start to slouch or roll our shoulders forward in a protective posture. Unfortunately, this physical action over time can cause us lots of tightness in the shoulders or our backs start to hurt, our posture suffers, even our breath is cut off a bit. Mentally, the more we close off, the harder it is to open up again. 

What can we do? 

First, we need to forgive and let go of our past hurt. Learn that we can't move forward until this happens. Easier said than done, but at least affirm to yourself that you are deserving of love in this world. 

Physically, bring the shoulderblades onto the back, sit up tall and work on the breath for starters. Start to activate the lungs, letting the chest open. Backbends and shoulder openers are key to getting the chest and the heart open. Backbends could include a locust pose variation that includes clasping the hands behind the back, camel pose, or even just arching back in mountain pose. Just be mindful to draw the navel towards the spine and the tailbone towards the floor to protect the lower back. In camel and when arching back in mountain, really lengthen the spine, lifting the chest and let the backbend start from the upper back as much as possible. Shoulder openers could include cow face pose arms or eagle arms. I have also found that taking binds in poses like extended side angle or triangle pose (if available) have really helped in opening my shoulders over time. If taking the bind, particularly in these two poses, be sure to continue to lengthen the spine on the inhale and rotate the chest towards the sky on the exhale. 

Doing these types of poses will help give you energy and fill your heart with love and acceptance. 

Sending you all best wishes for an open heart that is ready to not only give, but also to receive. Remember, you deserve it. 

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